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An abstract artist and Southern California native, Julie Crone draws inspiration from nature, her personal experiences, and the notion of holding onto time. Her art is a celebration of life and a tribute to the loved ones who have shaped her journey.

In her creative process, Julie explores the complexities of memory and the shared human experience through multimedia techniques. She integrates unconventional materials such as rope and fabric to add texture and depth to her pieces. Her palette is carefully curated with vibrant hues that often evoke a deep emotional response from the viewer.


“My hope is that my artwork resonates with people and meets them where they are,” Julie states. “I love that interpretations of my work can change over time depending on mood, circumstance, and perspective. This allows the same piece of work to be new over and over again.”

Julie has been painting with oil since she was six years old, and her passion for the arts only grew through higher education. She attended the University of Arizona and graduated with a BFA in Fine Arts. She went on to pursue a degree in interior design at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles. She also studied art in Florence, Italy, where she was able to immerse herself in the rich artistic history and culture of the region.


It wasn’t until college that I really appreciated and fell in love with abstract expressionism,” reflects Julie. “Robert Motherwell and Mark Rothko are some of the artists in that genre that greatly moved me. I realized that art is meant to make you feel something. Right then as an artist, I knew I wanted to capture a spirit, rather than paint an object realistically. To this day, that is the style that drives my work.”


Julie currently resides in Newport Beach, California with her husband, three boys, and beloved dog. Her unique style and creative vision have positioned her as a highly regarded figure in today’s art scene, captivating viewers across Southern California and beyond.


You can find more of Julie’s work on her Instagram account @juliecronefineart.


Artist Statement

As an abstract artist, Julie explores the complex layers of emotion and memory through the use of found objects, paint, and multimedia techniques. Drawing inspiration from her personal experiences and the notion of holding onto time, Julie's art is a celebration of life and a tribute to the loved ones who have shaped her journey.

In her creative process, Julie integrates unconventional materials such as rope and fabrics to add texture and depth to her pieces, evoking a sense of intimacy and familiarity. Her color palette is carefully curated to reflect the moods and tones of the memories she seeks to capture, from vibrant and energetic hues to subtle and subdued shades.

Julie's work is deeply personal, reflecting her own journey of dealing with grief and loss after the passing of her father. Through her art, she strives to find meaning and purpose in the complex and often unpredictable nature of life. Each piece is a physical and metaphorical representation of the many layers of emotion that make up the human experience.

Ultimately, Julie's art is an invitation to celebrate life, to cherish the memories of the past, and to hold onto the people and experiences that have shaped us. Through her unique approach and her commitment to exploring the emotional depth of her subject matter, Julie creates art that is both deeply moving and deeply personal.

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